New Life Sunday…life is meant for mission

This past week we packed up some suitcases, stuffed our family of seven into our van and drove 500 miles to St. Cloud, MN. We stopped at the Mall of America, played scrabble with my grandmother, went sledding and built a snow fort (yes, it snowed 8 inches while we were there). We even built a bonfire, roasted marshmallows and made smores while sitting in the snow fort.
We also ate, laughed and talked….a lot!
We built some great memories on this trip. The kids LOVED spending time with grandpa and grandma and playing with their cousins. We heard hunting and wrestling stories and shared plenty of our own experiences from the past year.
A trip is really a great metaphor for life.
Imagine how boring our lives would be if we never left the house…never tried anything different…never sampled new food…never left our comfort zone…
Pretty unfulfilling…
Perhaps this is why God has chosen to use the metaphor of a journey to describe our life with Christ. This Sunday we will study the teaching of Jesus from Mark 8:27-38. We were made for mission. God gave us life to spend and not to keep.
Beyond the fact that we are commanded to live on “mission” we will discover that serving the needs of others in the name of Jesus will prove to be exciting, challenging and memorable.
I hope you can attend on Sunday…it will be worth the trip!


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