New Life Sunday – Prayer is like a car wash…

This past week I broke down and drove through a tunnel car wash. It feels like a bit of a relapse since I have recently committed myself to changing my own oil and washing my own vehicles.
Ahhh…I feel the grace washing over me (haven’t taken the time to think through the theological implications of that statement so I’m not sure if the pun is intended :)).
One thing about a tunnel car wash is that once you drive up on the track you can place the car in neutral, take your hands off of the steering wheel and enjoy the ride.
At the risk of sounding a bit crazy, I find a car wash to be very therapeutic. A few minutes in the middle of the day where I simply enjoy the sounds of water, scrubbing brushes and finally a rinse and an air dryer.
And then it’s over…but the effects of the wash continue for several days. Unless, of course you live in Missouri and it’s 70 degrees one day and snowing the next.
Speaking of theological implications…my experience with the tunnel car wash and prayer is actually quite comparable.
Prayer requires that I give up control and put my life in neutral. Prayer also allows for me to relax from the demands of controlling my destiny. In addition, prayer provides an opportunity to experience forgiveness which is like washing away all the crud that gets attached to my life through my choices.
This Sunday we are going to look at prayer through the metaphor of sheep and our Shepherd found in Jon 10:22-30. This message on prayer is more about learning the relationship between the shepherd and his sheep than it is about how to figure out a prayer list, say grace before meals and bed and falling on our knees at the first sign of difficulty or pain.
Ultimately prayer is much better for you and me than a car wash is for our vehicles, so if you must choose…choose prayer. I promise I won’t judge you for having a dirty car :).
I hope to see you on Sunday!


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