New Life Sunday – Helping hands…

This past Monday I took on the project of changing the oil in our van and car. I also washed each vehicle by hand (thanks to Gary’s inspiration).
But I’m not writing this to brag…even though I probably could :).
I asked Dallas if he would be willing to help me and so off we went to work…MAN TIME!!!
I laid out an old piece of carpet and slid some cardboard under the car. Dallas laid down next to me and immediately noticed that it was too dark. So he ran upstairs to find his flashlight from the campout. In a minute, he was next to me shining the light on the oil filter.
Since I didn’t have a specialty wrench for the filter, I was doing my best to loosen it by hand. I was using as much strength as I could muster and it wasn’t budging.
Then I felt a hand on top of my hand helping me to turn it. As soon as I could tell what was happening, I got the biggest grin on my face.
I wanted to freeze time…my little almost 5 year old working buddy noticed that I needed help and then just reached up and started helping…without saying a word.
After what seemed like a minute or so, I decided to give it a break and sit up. Dallas rolled out from under the car as well and then he asked, “daddy, did you feel a hand on your hand?”
I replied, “I sure did buddy.”
And then he said, “that was me. I was trying to help you get it loose.”
Wow…I wish I could bottle that moment.
I decided that we really needed the right tool for the job, so we took a trip to the store to buy an oil filter wrench. After we came home, the filter came right out and we were able to finish changing the oil.
This story relates to my topic for Sunday from the book of Jude. There were false teachers that were attempting to rob sincere Christians of their spiritual identity in Christ.  So Jude writes to his fellow believers and provides them some tools to keep them safe.
Similar to my experience changing oil, we need the right people around us encouraging us to use the right tools. When we are properly supported and prepared we will be successful in our faith.
Stay safe!


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