New Life Sunday – The irony of humility

Over the past two weeks the health of my grandmother has digressed…she has endured a heart attack, kidney failure and pneumonia…she is 91 years old and barring a miracle will be in Heaven with Grandpa very soon.
This past week, I have reflected on many incredible memories:

  • Eating grandma’s homemade Lefse and Kringla
  • Watching grandma dote on grandpa
  • Eating grandma’s warm dinner rolls with butter and homemade jelly
  • Listening to grandma lovingly scold grandpa for causing trouble
  • Each grand kid receiving Christmas presents that were equal in value and if not, grandma would include cash to cover the difference
  • Birthday cards every year
  • Scrabble
  • Driving 4 hours to Grandpa and Grandma’s house in Eagle Grove Iowa and then trying to sneak in the back door and scare Grandma.

Somehow scaring grandma became a rite of passage for the grand kids. I’m not sure how it began, but typically when we were still several miles away, my siblings and me would devise our plan.
Since I am third in the birth order, I will blame this on my older siblings…come to think of it, my dad was even in on this… :).
I recall one summer afternoon. We arrived at grandpa and grandma’s white ranch with a walkout basement and dad dropped us off a block away. Silently, we entered through the back door and climbed the steps from the basement. We could hear grandma in the kitchen and silently we tiptoed in behind her…
Grandma was so surprised that she dropped the pan she had been holding and let out a loud gasp.
After she recovered from the scare, Grandma reached out, hugged us and shared a good laugh. Then she was quick to tell us to never do that again…and of course, we did it again :).
I will always remember Grandma’s smile, her laugh, her hugs. She was proud of her children and grandchildren, but she has left an incredible legacy of humility. Grandma’s influence is far-reaching, but she always led from a posture of humility.
This Sunday, we continue our legacy series at New Life. The sermon will be about David from 2 Samuel 23 and it is entitled, “The irony of humility.”
After spending time reflecting on the life of Grandma Campbell and studying the life of King David, I have much to learn. I hope you can join in the journey.



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