New Life Sunday – Who calls the plays?

One of my goals for this past week was to purchase footballs for the boys. They have had their share of Nerf footballs, but for whatever reason, they seem to get eaten by little people and pets…but mostly Ian.

Not sure why he likes to chew on foam…we feed him well, I promise.

I am thinking that my motivation for buying footballs stems back to my childhood.

Growing up, we had a house with a back yard that was an ideal size for a football game. One end zone was the flowerbed in front of the house and the other end zone was an alley. We played nearly every day.

I always loved to play quarterback. Not because I had a great arm, but because the quarterback got to call the plays.

Three or four of us on a team would huddle with our backs facing our opponents and draw out X’s and O’s in the dirt.

Looking back, no matter how great the play looked in the huddle, it typically would break up and the tallest, fastest receiver with the best hands would end up going deep for the bomb.

As I consider my life today, not much has changed with my desire to call plays. There is something very invigorating to me about dreaming up a plan. This is not always a good thing.

There is a fine line though and that is what the sermon will cover on Sunday. We will be studying the life of Moses from Exodus 3 and there is something significant about his life…

I’m calling it the X-factor for leadership…and if you want a clue, here it is:

The X-factor is related to “who” calls the plays.

I hope you will be able to join us on Sunday for more on that…but in the meantime, I better go run some plays with the boys.

Talk to you soon!



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