New Life Sunday – Cracked phone

Several weeks ago, I was putting the boys into the van and needed both hands to buckle a seat belt, so I set my smart phone on the roof.
This is a rookie parenting mistake and I definitely learned my lesson.
About two blocks from home, I remembered where I had set my phone…and then I heard it slide off the back of the roof and watched in  my rear view mirror as it bounced off the street.
For a few seconds, I held out hope that it wasn’t damaged…but as soon as I picked it up I noticed a cracked screen.
And for the record, I think I went through the five stages of grief…lol.
Once recovered, I started looking online for a phone and this is where the story gets good. I found the exact model for sale on ebay for $75 and promptly ordered it. The seller then informed me that the phone was no longer working and wondered if I still wanted it. I asked for a discount and we agreed on $38 for a phone in perfect condition that wasn’t working  (um…yeah).
After it arrived, I tried multiple online solutions and none of them worked. Then I decided to check with Nokia to see if it was under warranty. So I entered the serial number and….it was still under warranty.
They emailed me a shipping label and on Wednesday, I received my phone.
It is in perfect condition and it works.
As I reflect on this experience, I admit my phone has a pretty significant influence on my life. And it shouldn’t…it’s lifespan is typically 2 years or less and as you can tell it is very fragile. I am still trying to figure out how I have become so dependent on that little devil.
Speaking of influence and dependence, this Sunday I am looking forward to delving into a new series at New Life entitled, “Building a legacy-living a life that lasts.” This week we will study from 1 John 5:13-21 where John writes about the base value of our Christianity. For example…we have been promised eternal life, we have access to God and we are given the Holy Spirit to help us be discerning. Not bad for the base package…an abundant life, restoration and reconciliation are also available.
These promises contribute to our legacy…that we have a lifetime to build.
Have a great weekend!


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