New Life Sunday…life on the edge

Yesterday, I was able to spend some extended time with a new friend that God has put into my life. In one sense you could call this a discipleship relationship.
Our past is very different!
He has spent time on the streets, been addicted to alcohol and drugs and last summer was shot at close range and survived.
Our present is also very different…but not quite as extreme!
He is still technically homeless, struggling to regain a relationship with his three children, he has limited employment and no transportation. We are similar in that we are each reading the Bible, we have been born again and we desire to be around other believers.
Our future is identical!
We have an identical inheritance in the same location (heaven) and will be hanging out with the same people forever. We desire to see glimpses of God’s Kingdom while we are still here on earth.Yesterday, my friend wrote out three pages about how he believes that God can change our city…AND…I agree with him.
Something occurred to me while we were talking through this vision for the future:
The results are that we become very cloistered around people who grew up with similar education, work in similar careers and live in similar neighborhoods.
How boring!!!
I believe that God made us to develop our relationships around His future plans and not our past experiences.
This Sunday we’ll talk more about this as we will look closely at 1 John 5:1-5…in a nutshell we are called to believe, obey and conquer. Then next Thursday…6 days from today…I HOPE AND PRAY you can come to the Spirit of Christmas. You will hear from my friend and several others who have spent time on the edges of society, but share a common vision for the future.
If you want more information, or would like to invite friends you can check out these two links:
Stay safe and warm!


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