New Life Sunday – Let’s get it started…

I have a remote starter on my car that was a gift from a close friend a few years ago. If you haven’t noticed, it’s getting a bit chilly outside, and having a remote starter to warm up the car makes it not so painful.
Unless of course it doesn’t work. Then it just makes me frustrated.
It’s really not a big deal. After all, I am from Minnesota, and complaining about cold temps before it reaches zero is pretty weak.
On the other hand, being cold and then getting into a cold car is THE WORST.
Bottom line: After one cold ride home, I think I’m going to attempt to get the remote fixed.
I’m not certain what  to do to fix it. I can check the battery in the remote. From there…I have no clue…
Something of which I am certain, is that when the remote starter is working properly, I push the button on the remote. That push sends a signal to the receiver on the car, which turns over the engine and ultimately fires up the heater.
So how does this relate to the sermon for Sunday?
For starters (like that? :)), we will study from 1 John 4:7-12. The word “love” is used 13 times in those six verses. So you can probably guess the topic of the sermon…yes, it’s love.
Just as with the remote starter, someone has to initiate the action to get a response. With love, God has always initiated love.  He has expressed His love through the birth, life and death of Jesus, and God has intended for His children to be multipliers of that love. God loves us, which starts love in our hearts to share our love with others.
And the good news? God’s starter is never broken.
Stay warm!


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