New Life Sunday – One of the worst stores…

Yesterday, Leigh Ann discovered what appears to be a virus in her computer. This is something that has been there for a while, but just recently has begun to make her computer inoperable.
We have a service agreement at a certain Big Box electronics retailer so she decided to bring it in yesterday.
I will do nearly anything in my power to stay away from that store because in my opinion they have a reputation for long lines and poor customer service.
Yesterday was no exception!
When Leigh-Ann arrived at the store with 5 kids in tow, they told her the wait would be at least two hours. There are forms of torture that that I would choose before standing in line for two hours in an electronics store with five kids ages 1 -12.
Needless to say, the computer is still out of order and my phobia for this store continues to grow. Based on pretty much every experience I have had, I am pretty sure we are not the target customer.
I am also pretty sure it would take a miracle for me to change my opinion about this stores reputation.
A reputation is built over time through multiple personal experiences.

  • Southwest airlines has a reputation for great customer service
  • The New York Yankees have a reputation as a good baseball team
  • Starbucks has a reputation for providing good coffee
  • Authentic Christians have a reputation for faithfulness

This Sunday we will study from 1 John 2:18-27. There are some people who have claimed to be Christians, but over time have fallen away. There are others who have endured temptations from false teachers and have stayed faithful.  
Authentic Christianity is not something that can be earned over a period of time, however it is revealed over time.
I hope you can plan to attend this Sunday, in the meantime, maybe we’ll give that store another try….


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