New Life Sunday – Dirty socks…

This morning I stepped out of my car on the way to an appointment at a hip coffee shop downtown KC. I was feeling pretty urban and cool if I do say so myself. I glanced back at my car and then I noticed…there were socks in the back window. Leigh-Ann and I often joke about how having 5 kids somehow tends to meddle with the cool factor…lol. One of the boys decided to take off his socks and throw them in the back window.
I often wonder the thought process that happens before throwing socks in a back window…
I can only guess, but I am thinking the reasoning (if there is any of that going on in 3 and 4 year old boys minds) is that if the socks are out of sight, then they don’t have to worry about putting them back on or bringing them in the house.
I have attached a pic for a Friday morning laugh…. :). Or in my case a reality check…
As crazy as this may sound, sometimes we are more like the boys than we may care to admit. We have memories, regrets and poor decisions that can get in our way, and too often we try to find ways to hide and ignore our deficiencies.
The problem is that from a different perspective, those regrets and poor decisions are obvious.
There is hope!
I am extremely excited for this weekend. We are privileged to have Bernie Carbo with us for a luncheon today at noon ( He will be joining us for our men’s retreat this evening through early afternoon tomorrow (there is still room for a few more men/boys). He will also be speaking at New Life on Sunday morning at 10:45am.
If you want to talk about regrets….Bernie has plenty of them. During a 12 year Major League Baseball career, he has said that he played only one game sober.
Bernie talks openly about regrets from his childhood, his baseball career, personal choices, etc…but here is the GREAT NEWS….Bernie has learned to deal with those regrets and through the power of Jesus, he has moved beyond a life of regret to a life of satisfaction.
Bernie has a message of hope for anyone dealing with regret. If you can make it happen, please come out to hear him speak. Here is a link to an ESPN video of Bernie:
Now I need to go retrieve some socks out of my back window :).


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