New Life Sunday…drawing blood

This past Sunday night, Isaiah and I took a trip to the emergency room at Children’s Mercy Hospital. To make a long story short, he turned out ok, but before that was confirmed by the hospital staff we had a few anxious moments.
First of all, we had to decide whether or not to take him in…this is not an easy decision. We certainly don’t want to be the parents that bring their kids in for a runny nose, but we also don’t want to overlook some serious symptoms.
Once we decided to take him in, we had to decide which parent would take him. The decision came down  to either bathe, feed and put four kids to bed or bring one into the hospital. It seemed that the best option was for me to take Isaiah into the ER. To be honest, the deciding factor for me was Sunday Night Football. I had visions of relaxing with Isaiah  in a quiet ER room watching the game. 🙂
The reality is that we had to sit in the waiting room surrounded by sick kids with nothing to watch for the first two hours. Once we were brought back, we had multiple tests, x-rays, etc. The toughest moments came when they had to draw blood.
Wow…the nurse was trying so hard to hit his vein, but it kept rolling away. Isaiah was looking up at me with huge eyes and even bigger tears streaming down his face begging me to make them stop. They finally switched to his other arm and it worked. Everyone in the room breathed a huge sigh of relief.
Watching your child endure pain and then listening to him beg you to make it go away is one of the most difficult experiences of life.
At age 3 it is impossible for Isaiah to fully understand the fact that the nurse is hurting him in order to help him.
I think that our heavenly Father feels even stronger affinity for us when we are going through pain in life. There is no doubt that God hates to see us in pain, but when He allows it, He has a reason and God knows best.
This Sunday, we continue our study of 1 John with a sermon jammed with hope for the moment. No matter if your circumstances are favorable or if you are in a world of hurt, there is hope in 1 John 2:12-17. I suggest that you take a few minutes to read through the verses before you come.
I hope to see you tomorrow!


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