New Life Sunday…storm clouds and sin

Last night I was at soccer practice with the girls while the storm clouds started to roll in.

They were ominous!

I am no weather man, but I could tell with certainty that we were going to get soaked. And from what I have heard we ended up with about 3 inches of rain last night.

Fortunately the coaches could see the impending danger and we ended practice early so everyone could get to their vehicles before the downpour actually hit.

And then it hit….while we were driving home.

The girls were kind of excited and a little worried all at the same time.

They asked questions like, “How can you see?” How can you drive in this? Aren’t you glad we don’t have any holes in the roof of our car?

We had some fun talking about how glad we were to be in a car and not on a motorcycle…or walking…or waiting under a bridge.

There is something that is always true about storms…whether it is a thunderstorm in Kansas City, a Typhoon in Asia or a Hurricane in Florida…

You can’t stop a storm!

You can learn how to deal with a storm, but you can’t stop it.

A storm is not all that is inevitable in our lives. This Sunday I am going to talk about something else that is inevitable…


The Big idea is, “sin is a reality, so deal with it.” We will study from 1 John 2:1-2 in our series called, “Walk in the light, live in love.”

Just like a storm, we can’t stop sin but we can learn how to deal with it.

See you soon!



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