New Life Sunday – Season opener

This weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the year in America…
The NFL Season opener.
If you are a Broncos fan you are feeling great…a Ravens fan, not so much. If you are a fan of any other team in the NFL you are full of hope for a win in week one.
By late Monday night exactly half of the NFL teams and their fans will be encouraged and the other half will be disappointed.
Whether it is a football season, a job, a relationship or even a fun competition, it is always important that you find a way to start strong.
This Sunday, I will begin a series that will take us through the book of 1 John. Just like I would like to see the Vikings and the Chiefs start strong in their season (it’s nice to be from a different state, because now I have two chances for a good season) I would also like for us to get a good start to our series for the fall.
One thing I have observed is that the teams that start strong typically prepare well. They are better than average in their training, organization and pre-game planning. I think this can be true in our spiritual walk.
As we look ahead to the fall of 2013, New Life church cannot train and plan for you. You must take ownership for your own spiritual growth.
As a church, we want to encourage, teach and provide opportunities for you…but you must take responsibility for your own life. One of the ways we can help is to provide a Sunday morning experience that inspires you to know and follow Jesus.
This Sunday I am very excited to dig deep into the writings of John. From the beginning, John makes his point simple and yet profound:
Life begins with Jesus!
I encourage you to read through the book of 1 John and then come a few minutes early this Sunday so you are ready for worship.
Have a great weekend cheering on your favorite team…after church :)!


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