New Life Sunday — Spills

Earlier this week I was playing outside with the three boys. To be really honest, I was working on some putzy projects and the boys were riding bikes and trying to help me.
I love having them close by, I don’t always love their help. Especially if I am applying dark brown concrete stain.
I was careful enough to leave the stain and accessories out of reach…for the most part. I was careful to make sure the boys weren’t running in the street or falling off retaining walls…although they did jump a few times :).
It was a morning of information overload…constantly looking…calculating…analyzing…I honestly don’t know how moms stay sane.
I was a boy once…actually not very long ago (I’m still young right :))…and I remember how skilled I became at getting into trouble. Nothing horrible…just destructive.
So I wasn’t completely surprised when I noticed that Ian (our one year old) had found a large water bottle and had successfully tipped it over in his lap and was slapping his hands in the puddles.
The good news–it wasn’t dark brown concrete stain.
The bad news–it was all over him and the carpet.
The moral of the story is that when attempting to keep an eye on 3 boys ages 4 and under you can’t be too careful.
Speaking of careful…this Sunday the sermon will come from Mark 8:27-38 which includes the verses that tell us to “take up our cross.” This is a command that demands us to be careful in order to be successful.

  • Be careful so we don’t misunderstand the Messiah
  • Be careful so we don’t listen to bad advice
  • Be careful so we don’t commit our life to the wrong person

The consequences to a careless spiritual life are much greater than an empty water bottle.
I hope to see you on Sunday!


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