New Life Sunday … searching for greatness

This past week has been pretty busy…which is one of the reasons you are getting my Friday email on Saturday :). It was very late last night when we were getting the kids in bed….like after 11:00pm late…
Ian was the first to go down….then Dallas and Isaiah.
Typically the boys sleep with soothing music in the background but last night the mp3 player was missing. The player itself is pretty small so we started looking.
I asked Dallas and he thought that Isaiah had taken it….
So I asked Isaiah….
He was pretty sure that Ian had taken it….
Ian was sleeping and so I concluded with the boys that it was way too late for us to worry about who took it, we just needed to find it. We looked under the laundry baskets, in the closet, under the bed, under the stuffed animals, in the hallway….we looked all over and couldn’t find it.
Searching for something lost has never been a favorite activity of mine, especially when it’s late and everyone is tired.
The concept of searching for something is familiar…while searching we hope we find what we are looking for and our effort is typically dependent on the value of the item that is lost.
This Sunday, we are going to do a search for greatness!
Sometimes we think we will find greatness in our accomplishments, our wealth, our power…the crazy thing is that Jesus makes it clear that greatness is ONLY found in serving.
How unconventional…and really unpopular, but HOW TRUE!
If you have some time, I encourage you to read through Mark 10:32-45 and invite a friend to join you for service tomorrow at 10:45am.
ALSO…don’t forget that we are having a picnic with Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church tomorrow right after the service. Bring a side to pass and plan to have a blast!
See you soon!


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