New Life Sunday — potty training…


Isaiah is getting potty trained.
This is good news and bad news, but mostly good news.
I’ll start with the good news:

  • We’ll save money on diapers
  • #2 (figure it out) 🙂
  • He gets to go on the camping trip
  • He’s growing up

Now the bad news:

  • He’s growing up
  • Road trips take longer because we have to stop to go potty
  • There is a stool in front of the toilet (not a big deal until its 3:00am and you trip over it-lol)

Last night, I was out of town, but Leigh-Ann said that he got up multiple times throughout the night and came into her room because he wanted to go on the camp out and we told him that if he wants to go with daddy on the camp out, he has to be potty trained.
For the past few weeks on his good days, he has been pretty concerned with making sure he makes it to the potty. This means he is pretty worried about it…and when it comes to potty training, that’s a good thing.
Other than potty training though, worry is not a good thing.
When we experience high levels of worry, we typically have low levels of faith. In addition, when our desire for control is very high, our anxiety is typically proportionate. The good news is that when our dependence on God is high, our anxiety is low.
To sum up:

  • Low faith = high anxiety
  • High control = high anxiety
  • High dependence on God = low anxiety

I know this seems so simple…but far too often it is very difficult to apply. This Sunday we are going to look at our 2nd in the series of the unapplied teachings of Jesus., “Don’t worry!”
I hope you can come!

Announcement: Men’s breakfast tomorrow at 8:00am at First Watch: 409 Armour RD
North Kansas City, MO. Feel free to just show up…you will not regret 



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