New Life Sunday – Culture check…

I hope you have had a blessed week celebrating Independence day with family and friends. In spite of many disappointments with the current state of our country, I am still very blessed to call myself an “American.”
 In light of this, a Gallup poll came out yesterday that stated that “71% of Americans think the signers of the Declaration of Independence would not be happy with America today–down from a high of 54 percent who said they would be pleased in 2001.”
The poll also revealed that 237 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed, 85% of Americans say they are “extremely” or “very proud” to be an American.
This past week I was blessed and cursed to be able to fly out to New York. The blessing was pretty much the entire trip…which included a tour of the 9/11 Memorial and a beautiful view of Ellis Island and Lady Liberty from the Brooklyn Bridge.
The curse was the airline. Specifically the flight home…or lack thereof.
Long story short, the flight was cancelled because there wasn’t a pilot. However, the height of my frustration was the next morning at an extremely busy airport. I was working through a transfer to a different airport with a customer service agent who chased down her manager for help.
I could tell from the conversation that he was less than helpful. The airline agent then asked a co-worker who was busy with another customer while her manager continued to walk circles around the growing crowd.
As the agents chatted, one asked the other what the deal was with “Dan” (the manager). She replied, “Dan is being Dan.”
It was there, that I knew there was a problem with the culture of the airline.
The culture of an organization greatly influences its future.
The culture of America has shifted away from what a majority of Americans think the founding fathers intended.
The culture of the airline I flew seems to have shifted away from what shareholders have intended.
This brings me to a question, “is the culture of our church what God has intended?”
This Sunday, we close up our study of the book of Ephesians. We will look at an overview of the entire book and then focus in on the final words of Paul at the end of chapter six.
If we are learning from and living out the Gospel, then our culture will be right on track…if not…we better evaluate.


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