New Life Sunday – New York

Thursday morning, Tim McMahon and I flew out to New York for a Cru Inner City conference.
You couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere to learn and better mentors to teach us more about serving in an urban setting.
It has been AWESOME!
It would be impossible to adequately communicate all that we have been learning, however this morning I started taking notes and even tweeting some of them (@trcampbell), so here they are:
God doesn’t care how high you jump on Sunday, He cares how straight you walk all week-behave like you believe! #James1:26
It is normative for Christ-followers to care for the poor. #Luke19:8
Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you doing what you’re doing?
God puts people in every church who encourage people to give ‘just a little bit more.’
 How do you respond to people who frown upon feeding the poor? WDJD-What did Jesus do?
Revelation comes out of obedience.
When we challenge people for involvement, deliver a vision and not simply a task.
A definition of the gospel is, “I am more sinful than I readily admit…BUT…I am more loved than I can imagine.”
The gospel is not just what Jesus did, it’s who He is.
This time away has given me opportunity to reflect on the past few years and begin to formulate a vision for the next few. I am convinced that God is moving in cities all over the country. I am also convinced that God has big plans for us at New Life. I am excited to dig in, pray faithfully and work hard for the sake of the Gospel.
This Sunday, we will be blessed again to have Dave Robinson preaching from Ephesians 6:10-20 about putting on the armor of God. I can’t wait to see all of my New Life family, to worship together and then to be challenged from the sermon.
Hope to see you soon!


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