New Life Sunday – Fatherhood….


I am so grateful to have been blessed with a great father. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him, a lesson he taught me or a trait of his life that is embedded into my memory.
It would be impossible to even begin to estimate the positive value of all that my dad invested into my life. Unfortunately, when we look at culture today, it is way too easy to see the negative value of an absent father.
Sad stories of selfish men are far too common:

  • A man that had a secret apartment for his girlfriends for 35 years of his marriage
  • A father who has racked up $1,000’s in unpaid child support
  • A dad who is forgotten by his grown children, because they were forgotten by him while growing up
  • Men who lead with a loud mouth and don’t have the life to back it up

 As men, we need to step up our game and then encourage others to do the same.
Fatherhood is a high calling and it should not be assumed that a man merely living with his children makes him a successful father any more than showing up for work makes one a successful employee.
This morning, I was watching the kids ride their bikes in the back alley and was struck by the incredible responsibility that I have to be a loving teacher and godly example. There are simple things they need to know such as:

  • Don’t eat rocks
  • Standing on the frame of a bike can be dangerous
  • Leaving six bikes and a scooter in the alley and going inside is not a good idea

 There are other lessons that are not so simple to teach:

  • Integrity – There is unparalleled freedom in living above reproach
  • Selflessness – This is necessary for true love and valuable service
  • Discipline – Even when it’s tough we need the guts to keep on going
  • Sincere walk with God – Our family sees us when no one else does and they can see through a fake

This Sunday we continue our sermon series in Ephesians called “Better Together.” Our passage, (interestingly enough) is chapter 6:1-9. This is the place where Paul tells children to obey and honor their parents and where he tells Fathers to lovingly instruct their children.
I am very excited for the opportunity to celebrate fatherhood while at the same time giving some of us dads a kick in the pants…because we all need it sometimes.
So moms, if you are sick of having to nag your husband about being a good father, let me do it :). If you are single or don’t have children yet, then you really need to come. This is your time to learn how to prepare for the future. If you are an empty nester, then you have experience and should be honestly pouring into the younger generation.
I hope to see you tomorrow!


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