New Life Sunday – House Rules…

 Recently the girls and me…and sometimes Leigh-Ann and the boys have been playing basketball in the driveway. I must admit that I am no “King James” but I have played my share of basketball through the years.
Since the girls are trying to learn the game, I have been teaching them some technique as well as some of the rules.
As far as technique goes its simple things such as:
·         Learn to dribble without looking at the ball
·         Shoot with one hand and use the other as a guide hand
·         Use your body to box out
·         Dribble with your fingertips and not the palms of your hands
There are also some rules such as:
·         Once you pick up your dribble you can’t dribble again without passing or shooting
·         You have to dribble…you can’t just run with the ball (unless you’re in the NBA :))
·         You can’t grab the shooters arm…or hang on to their waist for that matter
·         You can’t kick the ball
Finally, there are some “house rules” such as:
·         When shooting around, if you make the basket, you get the ball again…this is called your “change”
·         If we’re not in a game, you don’t play tight defense, you play it cool
·         Daddy doesn’t block his 8 and 11 year old girls shots…usually 🙂
·         No crying…even if daddy blocks your shot…just kidding
This Sunday is not only Game 2 of the NBA finals, it is also the day that we celebrate our faith in Jesus. At New Life we’ll be studying from Ephesians 5:22-33, which, similar to basketball includes some “house rules.”
These rules provide instruction for:
·         The church
·         Husbands
·         Wives
·         All believers
Not only is it going to be a great day for church at New Life and the NBA Finals, game 2, it is also Leigh-Ann’s birthday.
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe, you’re the greatest!
Have a great weekend!


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