New Life Sunday – Battery Acid

Yesterday, our evening was scheduled out to be pretty busy.  Sophie had a soccer game and I had a wedding rehearsal. I planned to head over to the second half of the game when I finished. I had several phone calls to make and then I got the text and call from Leigh-Ann that our van was dead.
Fortunately, she had made it to the game, but when she wanted to move the van to a better parking place, there was no power at all.
I quickly decided that I would continue on to the rehearsal and that I would drive over there as planned afterwards and could look at it then.
When the game was over, I opened the hood to look at the battery. I better mention that I was feeling a little embarrassed to be working on the van in front of a lot of people I don’t really know…ok, I feel better now.
I was hoping that maybe I had some battery acid build up and that I could clean off the terminals and then get power.
And I was absolutely right….I didn’t have the best tools on hand, but was able to improvise and within a few minutes the van fired right up.
It felt so good to lower the hood and hear the engine purring.
Isn’t it interesting to note how some simple buildup on a battery terminal can take all the power out of the van. There is a V-6 engine with probably about 200 horsepower under the hood and it was totally disabled by some battery acid.
As I consider our current sermon series on Ephesians I am reminded that often there are little things in our relationships that can shut down our whole system. Maybe its as simple as a difference in opinion or perspective…it could be a misunderstanding or miscommunication…there are so many possibilities.
This Sunday, we will study from Ephesians 4:17-32 and the big idea is that there is a better way to do relationships. If you need some quick answers for a relationship on life support, I suggest looking closely at Ephesians 4:32…be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving.
That should clean off more than enough battery acid to get your relationships up and going again.
I hope to see you Sunday!

Announcement: Don’t forget the youth cinnamon roll fundraiser breakfast this Sunday from 8-10am….these will be some of the best pancakes you have ever had, plus you will help send some teens to the “My City  Matters” missions trip in July.


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