New Life Sunday – Lunch date…

Today, I had a pretty awesome lunch date with Alexa. She initially asked me to take her on her field trip to Jefferson City for a tour of the Capital, etc., however the volunteer list filled up before I had a chance to respond (bummer…yeah, bummer…uh huh).
Call me crazy, but driving a car load of 5th grade girls was not on my bucket list.
So, I was able to negotiate a deal to take Alexa to lunch instead of the trip to Jeff City. Yep, that is what I call experienced fathering :).
We had an awesome time together and since then, I have thought about how I will NEVER regret spending time with my 11 year old daughter.
We talked about school, friends, plans for the summer, food and probably a lot of other stuff….and…I ENJOYED every second of it.
Unfortunately, it crossed my mind that in less than ten years there will be another guy at the table and it won’t be me!!!
He may be under the threat of death if he tries anything…but I will probably not be invited to that lunch date. So….whether I like it or not, our girls are going to grow up and I am going to lose my place as the number one man in their lives.
Relationships are never something that can be fully controlled by one person. They always take equal effort from all parties involved. In other words, a relationship is only as strong as the member with the least commitment.
This Sunday we will move into the final three practical chapters of Ephesians. Paul has a lot to say about relationships in these verses. In Chapter four, he talks about unity, diversity and leadership.
Unity is never attained by force or control, but rather humility, gentleness, patience, love and peace. Diversity is not a lifestyle to flaunt, but rather a God-given gift to respect. Leadership is empowered to serve and shepherd not demand and command.
Not only do these relationship principles work in a church, they also work in a family, at work and in our social settings.
I invite you to join in the study this Sunday, the worship and friends will be great as well.
See you then!


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