New Life Sunday – It’s not about me….


Today is dreary!
If I had my choice, I would choose 70 degrees and sunny…but I don’t have a choice. I do, however, have a choice to complain or not to complain.
That’s a pretty tough choice…
I know there are people who will sleep outside tonight with very little food, there are some who a freezing right now while I am in a warm office typing away…
But…I had plans to play basketball and go for a bike ride with the kids. All spring I have been looking on Craigs List for a B-Ball goal and a bike.
This past week we set up the B-Ball goal (which was free by the way) and last night I picked up a nice Diamondback Aluminum X-L Frame Mountain Bike for $50. Now I can save money on gas :).
Typically, I’m not overcome with consumerism…I feel pretty content most often. But when I get something that I’ve wanted for a while, I really like to try it out.
I had visions of a family bike ride and now it’s raining!!!!
I feel better now…
This little rant reminds me of how I can be in relationships. I like things to go my way…and I’m pretty good at working it so they do.
This is called manipulation…not a the best skill to possess. I don’t like it when people try to manipulate me, so why do I try to manipulate them?
Because, I can see it better…I have more experience…I know what is best…
Guess what word each of these statements started with???
That’s the problem…there is too much “I” in my thoughts, dreams and conversations.
What happens when I start looking beyond myself to consider others? I am definitely taking a step in the right direction….but there is something even greater than looking out for the good of another person.
I can begin by looking at what God wants from me.
This Sunday we are studying from Ephesians 2:11-22. Did you know that Paul tells us that Christ followers are being built up into a dwelling place for God?
The picture is that Jesus is the corner stone, the message of the apostles and prophets make up the foundation and Christ followers are the bricks to the building where God is going to dwell.
So, it’s really not about me…or my bike…or my basketball hoop…
And that’s a good thing :)!
I hope you can come on Sunday for the rest of the story.


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