New Life Sunday — 3 Boys in a Cart…

Last Friday night, Leigh-Ann had music practice, so I took the kids on an expedition that included soccer practice, clothes shopping and then we ended up at Target for the final odds and ends.
I was already feeling some pressure for Easter Sunday, so I must admit, I began the night on edge. We ran into a long line at Gordman’s and so we were late to pick up Alexa from soccer practice.
By now, my shoulders were tense and then Ian began to cry/whine…
Getting everyone out of the van at Target sounded like a vacation…yeah, you probably need to be a parent with a lot of small children to get that.
Of course we had to get the “Limo-cart” with seats for the two boys and the baby…problem…it wasEXTREMELY LOUD…so loud that people were staring as we drove by down the aisle.
Five kids…one dad…and every rotation of the shopping cart wheel was a loud obnoxious…THUMP…THUMP…THUMP…THUMP…
I tried lifting the cart, putting weight on the cart…I tried everything except exchanging the cart…by the time I was really annoyed, we were at the back of the store…
We found everything we needed and made it to the checkout…that’s when the girls realized they needed to swap out a pair of shoes, so I paid for everything else and waited for them to come.
I was a bit pre-occupied by “3 boys in a cart” and was probably dreaming about what it was going to feel like to get everyone in bed and plop down on the couch…my ‘dream’ was interrupted when the girls came and couldn’t find the right size. Just as we started to move toward the exit, Alexa asked where our bags of groceries/items were…
I looked and our cart was empty…the boys couldn’t have eaten them….I asked the cashier and the bags weren’t near the register.
Only one party, a pregnant woman and her husband had come through after us…I quickly told Alexa to watch the boys and ran out in the parking lot with the hopes of finding our purchases.
The only thing I found out there was that KU had just lost in overtime…not good!
Long story short…the kind and generous Target employees offered to replace everything. They even called an associate to run around the store to pick up our items. It felt like we were at the Ritz Carlton (at least until the boys started fighting in the cart).
Just as we were loading up into the van, my phone rang…it was Leigh-Ann...hmmmm…what should I do? I was hoping it wasn’t the call to “please pick up one more thing…” so…I let it ring and promised my conscience I would call her as soon as I got back on the highway.
And I kept my promise to myself…she just wanted to chit chat…tell me about music practice…talk about what we had planned for Saturday…
I was in no mood….
Well, this may not be a typical night…(usually it’s Leigh-Ann with the kids on the edge of surviving a stressful day…I don’t know how she does it)…but the reality of two people in a relationship not seeing eye-to-eye is pretty common.
In fact, I would bet that you may have a relationship in your life now that is needing a bit of a tune up.
If so, you really should consider coming out to New Life for the start of a 10 week series from the book of Ephesians called, “Better Together.”
This week we will study from Ephesians 1:1-14 and draw up an appraisal of God. I am VERYexcited about this series and am confident you will be glad you came.
But wait, there’s more…if you have some time, please read from Ephesians 1:1-14 and be prepared to share during our brag on God time about how you have experienced one of God’s characteristics applied to your own life.
Well, that’s it for now, I hope you have a great evening!


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