New Life Sunday – A dead lawn…

A green lush lawn is something that makes me smile. I love seeing grass that is like a carpet, especially if it’s our lawn.
But I have to be honest, as of today our lawn has taken a beating from last summer’s draught. There are some places that look good, there are some places that look dead and there are some places that look like they have potential.
On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a perfect lawn, I would say that ours is about a 4. Ouch…that was painful to type the number 4…I really wanted to put down 6, and knew I couldn’t put down 5 so, 4 it is.
Last Monday, I purchased a “de-thatcher” attachment for my lawn mower for $20 that is supposed to dig up all the old, dead grass and leave good soil where I can overseed and fertilize and then pray that the new grass actually grows.
So when (not if) the lawn starts looking good again, I believe I will have a deep sense of satisfaction over being a part of the improvement. However, in order for the lawn to develop according to my vision for it, I will need to invest some significant amounts of time and energy before I see much progress.
This Sunday, we are on the 2nd of 4 sermons in the series entitled, “Journey to the Cross” We will look closely at how Jesus developed unlikely leaders. There are some helpful correlations between developing a lawn and developing leaders:
·         It takes a lot of work
·         Progress is slow
·         Supernatural help is needed
I would say that Jesus took men who were 3 or 4’s on the scale of 1-10 and turned them into 10’s. It was much more about development than selection. Jesus invested his time and energy into a few guys who were a key part of changing the world.
I hope you can take a few minutes to read from Luke 5:1-11 in preparation for Sunday and then do everything in your power to come early to meet a few new friends, prepare your heart for worship and listen to all that God has prepared for you.
God delights in turning “nobodies” into “somebodies” through the leadership of “nobodies” for the Kingdom!
I hope you enjoy the beautiful day!


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