New Life Sunday – Church Community Building

Earlier this week I learned a good lesson in building community from my neighbors. During the first snow, my neighbor across the alley bought a new snow blower and asked me if he could store it in my garage and then we could share it.
I know, some people get all the luck :).
So this week when “snowmageddon” (yes, it is an official word: ) was forecasted, instead of being filled with anxiety, I was pretty excited.
We planned for me to make breakfast in the morning and then I knew I was going to attack the snow. There ended up being 4 of us neighbors who went around the neighborhood cleaning out driveways, sidewalks and alleys.
When we were done, we stood around and talked for quite a while. In fact, we even began planning a neighborhood BBQ and movie night…when it warms up of course :).
Since we had just spent a couple of hours working together for a common goal, we broke through some of the awkward barriers. In fact, we were all chatting so much, at one point I began to question if we were going to use up our male quota of words for the day.
This Sunday we will study the 8th and final core value for New Life, Community: People committing together to know, love and serve God.”  We will study from Romans 1:1-17 and discover from Paul how to find our personal identity, contribution and objective for a healthy Gospel community.
I must admit that at times, New Life has fallen short of being an ideal Gospel community. The good news is that you have permission to become the best community possible this side of heaven.
And for some more good news, we don’t need snow to make it happen, so now I’m ready for it to be 60 degrees by next Friday.
I hope to see you Sunday!
Announcement and Survey:
This Sunday we will be hosting a pot-luck for everyone immediately after church. Please bring a hot-dish, salad or dessert to pass. Following the meal, we will be sharing about some opportunities to help with the youth.

Please take 5 minutes to complete this New Life survey:


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