New Life Sunday – Fallen bread…

This morning the kids were all hungry when they got up…surprise.
Some days they all have to eat the same thing and we do the whole, “teach them how to eat…obey…build character…etc.”
On other days…like today…they have a lazy morning. One had cereal, the other had a bagel, one had apple sauce and Isaiah wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
He and I walked over to the pantry and I took out the loaf of bread and peanut butter. I then handed the bread to him to carry over to the counter.
He was being such a good helper…until…somehow he was holding it upside down and there was no twisty tie on the end. In an instant, the loaf of bread fell out of the beg (that’s how we say it in Minnesota :)).
Amazingly, it landed intact, so only one piece was touching the floor (and I beat the 5 second rule anyway :)) and the rest was free standing in a vertical loaf.
It was then that Isaiah said something profound….”uh oh”…as he stood next to the loaf as if he was frozen.
Super dad (ahem…that’s me in case you’re not following the story) moved with lightening speed, picked up the loaf and fit it back into the bread bag.
Crowd goes wild!
Just kidding…almost immediately I thought about my sermon topic for this Sunday. Core value #4, Dependence on the Holy Spirit: Listen and Obey.
Think about how many time we as humans “drop the loaf of bread” in life. We may have really good intentions and try our hardest, but still fail in some of the simplest chores of life. The awesomeness of the Holy Spirit is that he is right by our side to let us know when  we “drop the bread”, He then helps us get it back together, and finally teaches us how to avoid the same mistake.
Tomorrow, should be a great day of worship, serving and learning together. Don’t forget your memory verse for the week, Philippians 3:10-11…there could be a test :).
See you soon!


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