New Life Sunday – Hunger Pains…

Hunger is universal…it may vary in intensity and frequency, but ANYONE and EVERYONE who is alive experiences hunger.
If you are like me, you are probably hungry right now…
I would have to say there are several classifications of hunger:
·         Munchies – You just want to chew and taste, but nothing major
·         Jitters – You drank too much coffee without eating enough food
·         Dull pain – You are on the clock…the longer you wait the worse it gets
·         Starving  – You feel like you are ready to pass out, the dull pain has become consuming and you make an extreme statement like…“I’m gonna die” or …
“I could eat …(the first object that randomly comes to mind)!”
If you were a baby, you would cry…if you were a kid you would whine…if you were a teen you would begin talking and not stop until someone stuffs some food in your mouth…“I am like…so…like…hungry…like …I just need to eat something…like…”
As adults, we can be a bit more discreet. We may not say as much, but our mind becomes totally preoccupied with the fact that we are hungry.
Yesterday, I had one of those hunger attacks. It was well after 1:30pm and I went through each of the above stages and had been in the “Starving stage” for more than an hour.
Every thought started with food and ended in hunger…
I was on a mission to eat…it would be safe to say that I was passionate for food. I am guessing you can relate?
For a moment, focus in on that passion…now…consider what it would be like if you had a passion for Scripture that was comparable to your passion to eat.
This Sunday we will cover core value #3 for New Life: Passion for Scripture – Read it, memorize it, talk about it. Our Scriptures will be: Psalm 119:9-16, Luke 17:1-13 and 2 Peter 1:16-21.
The big idea for the day is that our passion for Scripture is in proportion to our faith.
I hope you can come!
Announcement: Please consider registering for “Financial Peace University” that will be held at New Life starting February 6, 2013. For more info and to register you can click here:


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