New Life Sunday – Controlling or Enjoying

Yesterday we went sledding. I must say that I was a bit uncertain about how well the kids would do for a few reasons:
·         The hill was pretty icy
·         It was very cold out
·         They are inexperienced
·         Once you go, there is no stopping till you get to the bottom
That whole “loss of control” thing was probably my biggest fear…
As soon as we got to the hill, Sophie and Dallas jumped in a sled and before I could even scare them out of going alone, they were off…
I watched them narrowly miss the “jump” and held my breath as they raced to the bottom. I was full of anticipation as they walked back up to the top of the hill…
“What were they going to think of sledding?”
“Would they be scared?”
“Will they want to go again?”
Before I had time to find answers to my questions they were back in the sled ready to head down again…and again…and again…and again…
Sometimes they hit the jump and flew up in the air, sometimes they spun in circles on the way down, sometimes it was just a smooth straight run, however, there was one constant…they loved it every time.
They welcomed the variety and uncertainty. They laughed at their loss of control as they skidded down an icy hill on a piece of plastic formed into a sled.
I would have to say that the reason they had so much fun was because they simply gave up control and held on for the ride.
Hmmmmm, I think we could take a lesson for life.
Too often, we fight to keep control. We resist uncertainty and as a result never really enjoy the journey.
Life becomes more about planning and performance and less about discovery and experience.
This Sunday, we will finish up our study in the book of Daniel. As we look at the final verses in Daniel 12, we will be reminded of the fact that God is in control…He is in charge of the planning and even helping us on our performance. We are called to enjoy the journey from a posture of trust in God.
Whether we hit some bumps, spin in circles or have a smooth run…remember that God has promised us perfection in the future and hope for the present.
So, I suggest that as you make plans for 2013, you keep your “controlling” to a minimum and your “enjoying” to a maximum.
Happy New Year!


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