New Life Sunday — That guy…

This morning I had an experience with……that guy!

·         That guy that talks SUPER LOUD so everyone within the block can hear him
·         That guy that has three stories and can tell all of them multiple times an hour
·         That guy that will do anything for anyone to watch him
·         That guy who thinks EVERYONE else’s world revolves around his
·         That guy who can’t stop talking about how busy his schedule is, yet he still has time to tell the same story over and over again…loud enough for everyone in the same zip code to hear it
·         That guy who thinks I am actually interested in his stories because I keep looking at him

Ahhh…now I feel better.

This morning I was early for a meeting at a coffee shop so I was working on my sermon schedule for 2013 when…THAT GUY…walked in. After praying for clear focus and trying my hardest to concentrate for 30 minutes, it was finally time for my meeting. I gathered my things and went upstairs, sat down, sipped some coffee and then heard someone else coming up the stairs….

….THAT GUY….with a different guy and the same stories.


Stop judging me…. :).

I am laughing now just trying to write this out…God certainly has a sense of humor.

But this is where it gets pretty serious for me…as I have considered the details about THAT GUY…it has occurred to me, that my prayer life resembles THAT GUY way to closely.

When I talk to God, too often my prayers are about me and my busy life and how I want God to fix my problems and make me successful. I want him to take away all my pain and difficulties without giving God’s bigger plan a second thought….and it seems I save my best prayers for the times when everyone can hear me.

Now you really better stop judging :).

This Sunday is a follow up to the sermon on prayer from last week. We will look mostly at Daniel 10 which is a glimpse behind the spiritual curtain. The bottom line is that life is not a game…the stakes are high, our responsibility is significant and success is not defined by the culture around me.

I HOPE YOU CAN COME….did I say that too loud?


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