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I love stories that uncover everyday heroes. Last Sunday, Lexi and I were relaxing on the couch and flipping through the TV channels when we discovered…Daniel Rodriquez.
Daniel Rodriquez is #83 for the Clemson Tigers Football team…and he has an AWESOME story.
He is older than the average collegian and undoubtedly has more life experience than most people regardless of their age.
Daniel Rodriquez has a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. As a sergeant in the Army, fighting in Iraq, his unit came under heavy attack and his close friend, Kevin Johnson was killed at his feet.  
Rodriguez shared that he had made a promise to his friends that when their tour was up, he would follow his dreams to play collegiate football.
When he returned to the U.S. after the war, Rodriguez was lost….until he remembered the promise that he made to play football.
In spite of the naysayers, he and a friend produced a short video that they sent out to several coaches….and the rest they say is history…(you can read more here:
You can also watch the video we discovered last Sunday afternoon here:
I am so grateful to know the story of Daniel Rodriquez.
What I intend to communicate is that there was a moment of discovery for me when I heard this story and now I really enjoy sharing this discovery.
Discovery is not about creation, rather it is about fulfillment. When I discover something, it already exists…its just that now I am aware of it.
This Sunday, the big idea is for us to “Discover Contentment.” We will study Daniel chapter 8 as we continue our journey through the book. Within the context of our Scripture we will learn about a dream that Daniel had, that freaked him out. Within that dream, there is a clear message for each of us to discover contentment…what a great topic for the week of Thanksgiving.
I really hope you can take a few minutes to learn more about Daniel Rodriquez and I hope you take even more time to learn about Daniel in the Bible.
Have a great day!
Announcement: If you are an active member at New Life, please block off December 16th from 5-7pm on your calendar. New Life is hosting a Ministry Appreciation Gathering. We will provide a catered dinner, childcare and entertainment that includes visual memories from this past year. We are excited to praise God together for all He has done through so many incredibly awesome New Lifers.


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