New Life Sunday — More candy please…

“Can I have some candy?”

If I had a dollar for every time one of our kids has asked this question over the past two weeks, I could buy a new car….well maybe not a new car….

There are many ways I have dealt with this question:

·         Avoid it – this never works…kids somehow don’t know how to pick up on the silence so they just keep asking….and asking….and asking….you get the point

·         Deny it – this works for awhile. THE REQUEST IS DENIED….until enough time has passed that they think they can safely ask again….and again…and again…you get the point

·         Allow it – this is EASY STREET….sure, I’ll take some too….however…the asking doesn’t go away….since they have a green light, they just want to keep driving that bus through the intersection….again…and again…and again…you get the point

·         Guide it – This is the way it should be done, but it takes planning, time and accountability. This means that we look ahead and define the right amount of candy for the week, day, hour, minute and unfortunately sometimes the second… 🙂

This Sunday we will be looking at the topic of worship from Revelation 7. This is a chapter describing Daniel’s dream and in it we will find interesting animals, thrones, God, Jesus and worship….

Worship can be really good and it can be really bad….it all depends on what or who is being worshipped.

Like candy distribution…(sort of) worship must be guided.

This Sunday we will look closely at what that means and how it applies to our life.

Now, where is that candy…



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