New Life Sunday – God in a box…

A few weeks ago, Leigh-Ann wrote a note on facebook that fits well with the service for the following reasons:
·         Sunday is “Orphan Sunday”
·         Kids can teach us A LOT about prayer
·         Faith like a child is good for adults
·         God still does miracles
So without any further introduction, here is Leigh-Ann’s post,
“Had a special time with Dallas today. He woke up from his nap and came in my room (I was folding laundry -story of my life) and in a panic said “Mom! I can’t see Paiton!” (Paiton is a foster daughter we we had in our home from 0-18 months) I said “No, honey- we can’t see her” and he said again “No, Mommy-NO! Dat’s not what I said! I can’t see her or hear her!” And that’s when I realized that he was forgetting what she looked like and sounded like.
 I asked him if he wanted to look at pictures, and I pulled out the last scrapbook she’s in. We looked at it together, and it seemed to bring him some comfort. When we got to the end, he asked if he could look at it some more. I said sure, and he went over to his chair and propped his little feet up. He looked at the book for almost 30 minutes, smiling and talking about Paiton to himself.
This was the first time he’s really dealt with it- I’d been told it takes children 6 to 12 months to process a loss. For him, it took 16. It was a precious time with him- I had to majorly hold back tears!
He then asked how we could see her and hug her, “wike in da book”. I told him he’d have to ask Jesus. He went in the other room and came back and said “Well, I pwayed and asked Jesus to wet us see her and for her to come home soon.” I just smiled and said “You never know, buddy- Jesus might say yes!” He smiled and said “He already did! We adopted ZeeZee (Isaiah), so prolly we’ll see Paiton soon!”
Faith like a child… This is why living out our faith in front of our children is SO important. It makes faith REAL. It’s when the passages we read every day start to make sense. It’s by putting everything- especially our fragile hearts–on the line that God becomes that one Person who gets us and can comfort us when life doesn’t make sense. It’s why I must be consumed in my relationship with God every day–because He’s the only One who can make sense out of this screwed up world.”
This Sunday we will study one of the most popular stories in the Bible, “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” from Daniel 6:1-28. God is more than able to govern the affairs of people and his creation. He is never surprised by elections, problems or circumstances beyond our control. Let God be God and then you can be who He made you to be.
When we put God in a box, we tend to become more concerned with guarding the box than with our God in the box.
I hope you have a GREAT Friday!

ANNOUNCEMENT: This Saturday we Fall Back for daylight savings time. The good news is that if you forget you will just be here an hour early for church :).


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