New Life Sunday – Losing value…

Earlier today a friend texted me to tell me that he set a new record: he purchased an Austin Reed suit with no flaws and that needed no tailoring for….drum roll….
50 cents…
I would guess that an Austin Reed tailored suit from Dillards would likely cost $250 or more…
This leads me to surmise that the owner of that suit either:
1. Had no more use for it
2. He didn’t know his wife donated it to the thrift store 🙂
Either way, the suit which at some point was worth enough to someone that they were willing to spend several hundred dollars, had lost nearly all value.
Unfortunately, we probably all have a closet full of clothes that cost us a lot and are now worthless.
I am not a fan of things that lose value.
There is something worse than our clothes losing value…when people lose value. If you were to be honest, you can probably think of relationships that at one time were very valuable and now they are not even close.
It is never a pleasant experience to realize that someone you really care for could care less.
However, there is something even worse than a human relationship that has lost value…
The greatest tragedy of all is when God has lost value in our lives.
This Sunday we continue our study in Daniel. We will look at chapter four where Nebuchadnezzar who at one time thought God was King of kings and Lord of lords communicates that he has more regard for the gods than the one true God.
As we study Daniel 4 it will be evident that Nebuchadnezzar changed his personal valuation of God.
As the story goes, God clearly communicates to Neb that He will not be an optional feature for life. In fact, Neb spends 7 years eating grass like a beast of the field before he realizes the folly of undervaluing God.
God is sovereign.
I hope you can join in the study this Sunday at 10:45, because our clothes and sometimes even our friends may lose value…but God never does!
For His glory!


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