New Life Sunday – Ninja

A few nights ago Leigh-Ann was at worship practice and I so I drove the kids home from prayer meeting and JUMP recovery.
Since the weather was so nice, I asked them if they wanted to eat ice cream cones outside.
Dallas was like, “yessss!”
It was one of those moments when life seemed near perfect. We were wearing sweatshirts and sitting on the front porch with an incredible view of the city lights while we ate our ice cream cones. We decided to listen to our daily keys for kids podcast and were pretty much rocking life.
Then, we noticed a helicopter with a spotlight and I was pretty sure it was the police searching for someone.
My mind wondered…what if they are looking for a fugitive? What if the fugitive is in our neighborhood? We are sitting outside… my mind was now racing…
I would tell the kids to run upstairs to our closet…hit the panic button on the alarm….dial 911…beat up the fugitive.
This was getting fun….I envisioned myself taking on the criminal with my bare hands and pounding him into submission as the police arrived with sirens blaring. Just thinking this now makes my adrenaline start to pump which seems to empty into my ego and makes me think I am a special forces trained mercenary ready to take on any criminal.
I am the only super-hero missing in Avengers :).
While I was in this dreamy trance, I felt like I could take on the world. Nobody is going to touch my kids and get away with it…
This somewhat humorous story makes me wonder what it would take for me to defy my life in the face of death.
This Sunday, we are going to study from Daniel 3, the story of the 3 Hebrews in the fiery furnace. This is a great chapter with a lot to unpack…maybe even a few surprises. Ultimately, we will wrestle through what, if anything in our own lives would prompt us to stand in the face of potential death.
When our values are tested by the potential of death, what becomes important? In other words, if we knew we had one year to live, what would we prioritize?
For one, I wouldn’t need to take ninja classes :).

I hope you have a great weekend and I really hope to see you on Sunday!
Tomorrow morning is our second leadership class in the 4 part series, “Strengthening your Grip” at New Life from 8:00-9:30am.
As a group of elders we really want to invest in you as a person…a Continental Breakfast and plenty of Coffee will be included for your entrance fee of $0 :). Use this link to complete the personality profile (which includes the values index that you need for this Saturday’s class), then email me back and I’ll get you the information we covered last month that goes along with the personality profile material.  Then come to class Saturday, 10/13 or to the alternate session next Wednesday 10/16.

Before this Saturday, would you complete this survey –


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