New Life Sunday – Milestone’s

Today is a milestone…
Leigh-Ann and I have a child who is 11 years old. For some of you reading this, that statistic borders on ridiculous. You wish you were as young as me :). For others (especially you millennials) you have just tossed me into the box of middle aged people who have left the party.
Nearly every day I am faced with the fact that life is racing by…VERY FAST! A birthday for our oldest child who is turning 11 is hard to ignore.
Alexa is truly a gift from God. She is moving into adolescence and well on her way to being a respectable, confident and pretty stinkin awesome woman.
From the moment she was conceived, she has been on a path toward maturity. Each birthday has been a milestone to reflect on her journey.
As a baby we celebrated crawling, walking and potty training.
As a toddler we celebrated her first words, sentences and communication.
As a child we celebrated reading and writing, social interaction and continued physical and spiritual development.
As a pre-teen we celebrate her sweet personality, heart to serve and overall awesome factor (like her mom…just needed to score a few points since I’m running late :).
Time will not be slowing down any time soon, our birthday celebrations will come and go and the trajectory of our lives will continue to be marked by milestones like birthdays and anniversaries.
No matter what path God has placed us on, it always leads to His Glory.
So if you are a super-awesome 11 year old or a middle aged dad or even older…when you reach a milestone in life, remember that it is just a check point that leads to God’s glory.
This Sunday, I hope you will be able to join in our study of Daniel 2:24-49. These verses make a clear case for our path leading to God’s glory. Daniel is quite possibly the best  example of someone who lived by faith, grew through his life and brought glory to God. As we gather this Sunday, I am pretty confident that you will be reminded of God’s glory and your destination.
And now, off to pick up a birthday cake….
Have a great weekend!


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