New Life Sunday — Defining moments…

This past week I was able to attend a conference in NY called “Movement Day” ( I could talk a lot about the trip but will sum it up like this:
·         Great people
·         Priceless memories
·         Fabulous food
·         Defining moments
·         Breathtaking sights
I am going to spend the rest of this email on defining moments. This one is easy….
Ground Zero
Every time I saw a police officer or a fireman/woman I wondered if they were on sight. We saw a church that was covered in debris as a result of the fallout, we saw the only tree left over from the rubble, we experienced the waterfalls into the empty spaces that once held foundations for the Twin Towers…it was sobering and amazing at the same time.
On September 11, 2001, no one could have imagined the events that were about to unfold. And then it happened…
I will never forget where I was at the moment I heard the news…I will never forget the rest of that day, eyes glued to the TV, wondering what was next.
Defining moments as big as 9/11 seldom happen more than once in a lifetime…but defining moments happen all the time.
You probably had one today and you could certainly have one tomorrow. It is impossible to imagine the people that God will place in our lives and the memories they will carry from that placement.
On the trip home I was given the privilege of reading a tribute to a friend’s father. As I reflected on my own dad, I have so many “tribute worthy” memories, however interestingly enough, the first thought to pop into my mind was of the times when my dad would play catch with me on Sunday afternoons in the front yard.
Memories are a phenomena…its impossible to predict what will stick with us and what will define those we remember.
This Sunday we continue our series in Daniel entitled, “living in two worlds.” We will look closely at the first dream of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel’s defining moment as a result found in Daniel 2:1-23. This may have seemed like a tragedy, but it was planned by God.
You and I may never interpret a dream for a raging world emperor, but we will have moments that define us. It only makes sense for us to make the most of them. I hope you can join in the worship and study this Sunday, because, who knows, it may provide you with a defining moment.
Have a great day!


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