New Life Sunday – Sirens and Sovereignty…

On Wednesday, Leigh-Ann posted the following status on her facebook page (

I had someone ask me if I liked staying home with my kiddos or if I was “bored from the monotony?”

Well, this morning, I got the girls off to school, then was feeding the boys breakfast. Since the baby was quiet, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to shower- in peace- alone, with no one playing with my feet or pounding on the shower door. Just as I got all shampooed, the house alarm went off!

I jumped out, grabbed a towel and ran down to find Dallas and Isaiah with the hand-held alarm remote (I assumed that they’d pushed PANIC). I ran down to the alarm, turned it off and consoled my boys- who were now laughing/crying (our alarm is insanely loud lol).

Well, I grabbed their toast and sippy cups, and brought the 3 of them upstairs with me.

Finished my shower and hopped out to hear our dog growling her warning growl/bark. I opened my bedroom door, which I had closed to keep the natives in ;)… Then Zoe went running like a mad-woman down the stairs barking her stranger in the house bark.

Well, I had this brief “Oh my word- what if they didn’t hit any button but someone had actually tried to come in?!” thought. Shirked it aside to throw some clothes on, and looked out our upstairs balcony.

Ummmmm- the police were there- walking around our house, looking in the windows- they were checking to see if we were okay (hence Zoe’s stranger bark).

SOOOO embarrassing!!! But, good to know that the police respond very quickly to our house alarm code! They were so nice and said they were just glad we were all okay!

So me? Bored? Who needs caffeine when you have 3 boys ages 3 and under to start your morning off with a bang- or should I say sirens?

I loved the post, because its pretty stinkin funny and it is another reminder that life repeatedly presents us with uncertainty.

Daniel knew all about uncertainty…he also knew about temptations to compromise and choosing to live without regret.

This Sunday at New Life we will continue a study of the book of Daniel.  We will cover Daniel 1:8-21. This book takes place in Babylon (present day Iraq) which had a culture that was similar to our own today. Over a period of 75+ years Daniel leaves us a legacy of courage and faith.

The point is, no matter what happens on any given day…if the sirens are blaring or an invasion has happened…God is in control and He want us to pursue His glory and not just His favor.

So stay away from the panic button and read through Daniel 1 if you have a few minutes.

See you Sunday!


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