New Life Sunday

When we were in Brazil, we had so many great experiences. We were able to meet some incredible people, share the Gospel, eat amazing food, see fabulous sites and build unforgettable memories (how’s that for adjectives?).
This Sunday we will take a few minutes to share more in depth about our time in Brazil. For now, I want to share one story that relates to the theme for the service this Sunday.
One of the difficulties we experienced in Brazil was the language barrier. It was very challenging to communicate. By the end of the trip, our vocabulary increased to about 10 words, but in the beginning, not so much.
After dinner our second evening we went downtown to distribute Gospel tracts. The missionary explained that we should say, “Eh grátis” which sounds like, “Eh Grachese” and means, “free.” He repeated the word about 10 times and then we were off to distribute tracts.
The more we said, “Eh grátis” the more it began to change. We tried to help each other get it right, but after awhile, I don’t think any of us were getting it right. We caught up with the missionary and he corrected us and then it was on our own to mess it up again.
One of us (I won’t say who), started saying “Eh grasha” it didn’t seem quite right, but when you can’t compare it to the correct pronunciation, it gets very difficult. A few days later we were with another missionary who heard someone say, “Eh grasha.” He then shared that that pronunciation sounded like the Portugese word, “Eh graxa” which means, “grease, fat or shoe polish.”
As you can imagine, holding out a Gospel tract while saying “grease or fat” is not necessarily the best way to go about making friends and influencing people.
We got a pretty good laugh out of this and continued to improve on our language skills throughout our time there.
As I reflect on this story, I am reminded of our topic for this Sunday from 1 Thessalonians 2:1-16. We will be studying mentorship. The only way to get it right is to stay close to the original. In verse 13 Paul says that the reason the Thessalonians were able to grow in their faith and be a part of the Gospel spreading throughout the world was because they “received the word of God.”
There is much more to share from these verses, but in a nutshell we will learn truth and be able to share it as mentors when we stay close to the original. Which is a great reason to join us at 10:45am on Sunday… “Eh grátis!” 🙂
Tchau (Bye)!


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