New Life Sunday – Relationship 101 from Spirit Airlines

For the past week I have been following the story about a veteran with cancer named Jerry Meekins who had to cancel a flight on Spirit Airlines. The reason for his cancellation is that he is dying of cancer and is not healthy enough to travel. As a result he requested a refund.
His request was denied.
A spokesperson for the airline cited company policy and further explained that the reason they were inexpensive was because of policies like this one.
I’m not sure who is in charge of public relations for Spirit Airlines, but I’m pretty sure they are feeling some pressure.
In the past week, the facebook page “Boycott Spirit Airlines” has collected more than 30,000 ‘likes.’ Not exactly a good thing for business.
Until today, the CEO Ben Baldanza was standing strong for principle and had refused to budge on a policy even for a US Veteran dying of cancer.
And then it happened, Ben made an announcement today that he would personally refund the $197 ticket (insert sarcastic comment of your choice here). In addition, the Airline has now offered $5,000 to the charity of Jerry’s choice.
I am confident it will cost the company much more than $197 to reverse the negative press this decision has caused.
Warning: I am going to offer an opinion about something that is really not my business…so  here goes…
In the matter of building relationships with its clients, Spirit Airlines failed to keep their main objectives in focus. They allowed policy to skew their perspective.
My advice for the airline is to humbly admit their fault in the matter and plead for forgiveness.
This is pretty good advice for any relationship that has gone awry.
Last Sunday, our topic in the series, “Taking Root, Bearing Fruit” was forgiveness and we looked at Hebrews 9-10. This week our topic is relationship. We will look closely at Ephesians 2:11-22.
Unfortunately when it comes to my own relationships, I have acted as foolishly as Spirit Airlines more than I want to admit in this email. I am confident that by  looking at Ephesians 2, we will learn that our relationships in this life have a much higher purpose than our own happiness.
Relationships built on Christ provide a dwelling place for God.
Relationship stakes are always high, but they skyrocket when we recognize God’s role in them.
I hope you have a great weekend and are able to come Sunday to hear more on the topic of relationships.


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