New Life Sunday…A lesson from Dog the bounty hunter

A few weeks ago, Leigh-Ann went to bed early and I wasn’t tired yet, so I flipped through the channels to find something to watch. Since we have a few shows that we watch together, I started looking for something else.
And then I found my show….
Dog, the bounty hunter.
Just writing that made me smile…
Dog, is (in my humble opinion) a living paradox. He has the father of all mullets. He prays before making an arrest and then during the arrest cusses like a sailor. He acts like he has no heart, then he shows true concern for those he brings into custody.
But that is not the point of this email. In each of the two episodes that I have watched, there were people who had been running from the law for several years. In one of the episodes, the criminal was surrounded and after a brief attempt to escape, he gave up.
In each episode, the life of the criminals had become more about evading the law than actually living. They were brimming with excuses, they blamed others for their decisions and they were afraid of the consequences. Ultimately, when Dog and his crew tackled and handcuffed the criminals, it seemed to me that they were a little bit relieved.
Surprisingly enough, there is something for us to learn from Dog and the criminals…in one way or another each of us has run from the law. The truth is, we cannot keep the law of God.
It is impossible!
We have all FAILED to be perfect.
This Sunday, we move into week two of the series, “Taking Root, Bearing Fruit.” Previously, we looked at the Artist and His art. Simply stated, if we want to understand our purpose in the world, it is absolutely imperative to learn it from God…the Creative One.
This week, it is simple again, “Give it up.” We have failed to live up to God’s perfect standard, so we must come to a point where we stop trying to impress Him. We must face the reality of our own failure and stop trying to change God’s standard.
We can be free!
But first we have to admit we have been in bondage…the great news is that we don’t have to settle up for our own sins…we can’t.
Insert Jesus…
He can and He has!
And that is the Good News!
I hope you can spend some time reading Genesis 3 and Romans 3 to prepare for the sermon, “Epic Fail: Someone stopped being perfect.”


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