New Life Sunday – Easter and our 5 Year Anniversary

This Sunday is Easter and it is also the 5 year anniversary of New Life. In celebration of this milestone I would like to ask you to join me in the following exercise. Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:
Jesus is _______________.
Jesus has ________________.
Jesus will _________________.
Jesus _________________.
Jesus is the _________________.
Jesus loves _________________.
Jesus provides _________________.
Jesus offers __________________.
Jesus came to __________________.
Jesus promises __________________.
Jesus forgives __________________.
Jesus accepted ________________.
Jesus gave _________________.
Jesus is my __________________.
If you took the time to complete this exercise, there is one name that should be fresh in your mind…JESUS. If you need some help on the blanks, try watching this:
This is what Easter is about…this is also what New Life is about!
I hope you can join in the celebration this Sunday at 10:45am for our conclusion to Revelation 22 that will provide practical hope because He lives!
In Christ,

In case you missed the blog I posted on Wednesday, I suggest you take a few minutes a day to look a the following Scriptures, watch the video links and intentionally convey a message of gratitude to God.

Thursday – This is the day that the disciples gathered together for the last supper. After this was ended, they walked the road to the Garden of Gethsemane. I hope you can find a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of life to meditate on Matthew 26 and even watch this video:

Friday – This is the day that changed the course of history and provided hope for the world. What difference does this make for you? The reading for today is Matthew 27 and the video link is: We will also be gathering at New Life at 7:30pm to distribute invitations for the Easter service on Sunday. At 8:00pm we will meet back in the parking lot with the worship team to remember the death of Christ.

Saturday – This is the day of darkness and pain for the disciples and followers of Jesus. He was with them…and He was gone. It all happened so fast. Spend some time reading from Isaiah 53 and prayerfully watch:

Sunday – This morning we will finish out the last chapter in revelation. We will celebrate the most amazing miracle in history. As you prayerfully prepare for this service, I suggest that you read from Matthew 28, Revelation 22 and then take a few minutes to watch this video:



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