New Life Sunday – A 3 year old, a bike and Revelation 20

Dallas turned 3 this past week and for that remarkable accomplishment Grammie bought him a bike. Turning 3 is no small feat…
·         He eats, sleeps and plays
·         He is potty trained
·         He shares his toys (sometimes voluntarily)
·         He tags along with the family wherever we drag him
·         He laughs a lot
And now to add yet another accomplishment to his growing resume:
·         He rides a bike
I got to thinking about my first bike and if I recall correctly, it was a hand me down from my sister featuring a slightly worn banana seat.
The bike became a pretty dependable mode of transportation for me as a kid. But it was not without its risks…
I will never forget the day that I was riding home through the alley ways and drove out into the street in front of a car. Fortunately the car was not going to fast, so the driver was able to slam on the brakes and merely knock me off balance. I remember laying on the street unharmed, with the grille of the car looking me square in the eyes…not good.
After exchanging insurance cards….just kidding! It took me a while to tell my parents about this one, but eventually it came out.
I had several other “protected by an angel” experiences that I remember and several more I plan to learn about in Heaven.
I also remember learning how to ride the bike without training wheels….that was a pain. Dad pushed me down the alley and then let go for a bit and I freaked out and fell…and then we did it again….and pretty soon I learned how to ride a bike.
These are the thoughts that flood my mind when it comes to my three year old riding a bike.
So….why in the world would we let him have a bike if we know some of the pain that he will go through?
Because we also know that beyond that pain is a lot of fun and usefulness. We know that he will feel the wind in his face cruising down the alley. He will  maybe even carry on the tradition as a paperboy or ride his bike to mow lawns. Someday he may even ride in the Tour de France….I digress :)!
We willingly allow Dallas to learn how to ride a bike which means he will fall off and cry. It also means that he will have a lot of fun and learn about life.
We have weighed the options and like most parents (at least the cool one’s who aren’t overprotective :)) we encourage him to ride a bike.
As we look closely at Revelation 20 this Sunday, we will recognize that there are certain truths about the future that are revealed to us in the present.
We will experience pain and disappointment…but in the end we will experience the vulnerability of Satan, faithfulness of God, end of wars and presentation of justice. So if our Christian life was like riding a bike, my advice would be to hop on for the ride.
Have a great day!


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