New Life Sunday – Madness…

March Madness…or shall I say, March Maddening?
If you are a Missouri fan…and this just in…Duke fans, you may want to make sure you read this one all the way to the bottom. 98.8% of people filling out brackets on Yahoo (several million) predicted that the Tigers would win in the first round.
In case you haven’t heard, they were beaten by Norfolk State…or something like that =).
Now if you are a KU fan, and have begun to take a bit of enjoyment from the MU upset, I have one word… “Bucknell.” I understand it was a 14 v. 3 seed, but remember how that felt a few years ago and have a little mercy. And if you are a Mizzou fan, consider how I feel as a Minnesota Gophers fan….nuff said.
So, how do you think it feels if you happen to be a Norfolk State fan? I am thinking it feels amazing…especially if you are looking for cheap tickets for the game Saturday.
When it comes to basketball games and other trivial matters, we don’t seem to have a difficult time planning ahead. At times, we may even risk time and money under the assumption that our team will make it to the next game.
So why is it so difficult for us to plan ahead when it comes to our spiritual life?
It seems that too often when it comes to our eternal future, we struggle with taking even simple steps of faith.
This Sunday we are going to study from Revelation 19 and be challenged to worship God for what He will do, before He has done it.
Simply put, we should plan the party now for what He will do in the future.
And with this party, there will be no upsets!
Brag on God Topic: Attributes of God that come to mind as a result of the study of Revelation.


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