New Life Sunday – RIP Jeans

Imagine life without your:
-Cell phone
-Favorite pair of jeans
-Ice Cream
-Favorite sweats
Not cool!
Earlier I was thinking about my absolute favorite pair of jeans. They fit perfect and have aged well in every place but the knees. I stopped wearing them several months ago, but refuse to throw them away.
I wish I could use them as shorts, but for some reason a 35 year old guy with white legs in cut offs is a bit disturbing.
Much to Leigh-Ann’s chagrin, I have dedicated a place for them on the shelf. Every time I see them, I get a bit nostalgic, silently wishing that things were as they used to be before the large hole developed around my knee.
Although they are retired, there is something in me that refuses to let those jeans go. It is pretty easy to allow ourselves to become attached to things in our personal lives.
Our text for this week is Revelation 18 and it starts off by telling us that Babylon is fallen. The world system will be destroyed…including my jeans, cell phone and Rocky Road ice cream.
As we follow the contour of the chapter we will be faced with a reality check, a view of separation anxiety and a new normal. This is all a part of the journey for Christians that ends with perfect justice and fulfillment in a new Heaven and a new earth.
I hope you can join in the study and worship…and feel free to wear your favorite jeans.



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