New Life Sunday – Cyst removal…

Today I had 4 cysts removed from my head ranging in size from very small to nearly the size of a quarter. I have a family history of cysts so I have concluded that they are simply genetic.
When you combine thinning hair with a growing cyst, the probability for embarrassment rises. Not that I am running from a dose of humility every so often (ok, maybe I am…).
It goes like this…an innocent, kind person, notices a rather large bump on my head and assuming that I have bumped my head shows concern by asking about my bump.
Now it gets awkward…this is a classic “I wish I hadn’t said anything moment.”
I am sure that the person had no idea that they noticed a cyst and so I play it off by saying, “no, I’m ok, it’s actually a cyst. It’s a genetic thing. I get them all the time.”
Then it’s time to wait…I feel like I need to sit in a circle and quietly introduce myself, “Hi, I’m Troy and I have a cyst.”
So, I asked a kind Doctor to remove my cyst and he obliged.
While I was sitting in the chair waiting for the anesthesia to take effect, the Doctor asked if I needed any reading material and I told him I would be fine, knowing I had an email to write.
As he was working, I couldn’t help but think about the clash of scalpel and cyst. In case you were wondering, the scalpel won.
For several years, the cyst grew slowly and then it met the Doctor’s scalpel and within seconds it was over.
There are some parallels to the clash of kingdoms that we are going to study on Sunday from Revelation 17.
It seems like the kingdom of this world continues to grow and become more and more noticeable, but there will come a time when God’s justice will take control and the Kingdom of God will defeat the world.  It will be fast, efficient and decisive.
Sunday, we are going to study a clash in Kingdoms that will culminate with a true war to end all wars…meanwhile as we live in 2012 we get glimpses of that coming clash and at the same time have an opportunity to provide glimpses of a future perfect kingdom.
I hope you can come to find out more about those glimpses…but not my cysts :).


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