New Life Sunday – Pants in the toilet…

Today, one of Leigh-Ann’s Facebook status updates said, “We do NOT take off our pants and put them in the toilet!” = words said to a certain 16 mo old =). At least he didn’t flush….
Sometimes we have a tendency to make a life that was meant to be very simple become very difficult. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that sweat pants and toilet bowls don’t get along.
But he is only 16 months old…and that is why it is excusable for him, BUT NOT FOR ME!
Not that I have ever threatened to throw my pants in the toilet. I am pretty sure the status would have been missing a smiley face if Leigh-Ann had to tell me not to put my sweat pants in the toilet.
But I have made my share of dumb choices. The point is that as I mature, I should be making less uninformed and foolish choices.
This Sunday, I hope you can join in our study of Revelation 16. The entire chapter is a rendition of the seven bowl judgments.
These do not paint a pretty picture of our future; however, they do give us hope because after we accept the fact that God will bring perfect justice to this earth, life becomes much simpler.
In fact, life is easy when we give control to God. He has ordered our path and will direct our steps. So when the path becomes confusing, we might as well slow down and get closer to Him.
As a bonus tip for the day, I have also learned that life around the house becomes much easier when I take advice from someone who knows more as well. A little 16 month old may want to take some notes…
I hope you have a great weekend!


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