New Life Sunday – “Beat the Parents”

This past week we celebrated Valentine’s Day on Monday since it was my day off and also the kids had a snow day (If you can call it that…I am from Minnesota…enough said…desperate for a snow day).
The girls picked out my gift…it is a game called, “Beat the Parents.”
It’s a pretty simple game of trivia with kid level questions for the kids and adult level questions for the adults.
Sample of Actual Kids Question: “What is the date for Valentine’s day?”
Sample of Actual Adult Question: “Who owns the record label “Sick wid it records?” (who cares?) =)
Ok, I may have chosen one of the easier questions for the kids and one of the more difficult questions for the adults, but it felt a bit out of proportion.
Now I may still be experiencing these feelings of injustice because we have played the game 2x and the kids have won both games. If I had a quarter for the many times that Leigh-Ann and I made our point to the girls that “this game is just not fair”, I could probably buy dinner at McDonalds tonight.
The truth is, we didn’t “let the kids win” and we were pretty good losers (we didn’t spit on our hands when we shook with them at the end), but we still complained that the game was unfair.
To complain of injustice is human to correct injustice is divine!
This Sunday, we continue from the end of Revelation 14 through Revelation 15. I believe that the Apostle John is calling for us to pause long enough to recognize the sovereignty of God and trust His plan enough to simply obey.
When we complain about the injustices in this life we are taking potshots at God’s character that promises justice. When we attempt to manufacture our own justice by getting even we are willingly rejecting His promises for perfect justice in the future.
I hope you can spend a few minutes reading from Revelation 12-15 in preparation for the sermon this Sunday…who knows maybe I’ll have some trivia questions from it.
Enjoy the spring weather!


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