New Life Sunday – Rejected Card….

Yesterday, I was meeting a few friends and made an attempt to use my credit card to pay for coffee. The first time my card was swiped it came back with an error message, so the barista swiped it again. Then she called for a manager who swiped it 2x and then asked if I had another card.
I pulled out a debit card, but totally didn’t believe the guy that my card was at fault. I just knew it was the machine…
The debit card worked…I hate being wrong!
We chatted a bit about it and then I forgot about the incident. Later in the day, I received a call from Leigh-Ann who was picking up a few things at Wal-Mart. She asked if I knew why the credit card was rejected.
“AHHHH…(forced smile and gritting teeth) it was rejected earlier and I meant to call, I just got too busy,” I replied.
So I called customer service and was immediately routed to the fraud department.
A friendly voice verified me and then asked, “Did you charge $1.25 at a type of vending machine yesterday…it looks like it was a portable reader on an air compressor?”
Then I remembered that the day before I had to put some air in my tires and could not find a Quick Trip (my favorite gas station in the world) so I stopped at a gas station and had to pay $1.25 for air and it even accepted credit cards which was great since I didn’t have enough change.
The friendly voice shared that my card was immediately flagged for fraud because often when a card is stolen it will be tested at a vending machine before attempting a bigger heist. In addition, the company was out of Pennsylvania and I typically do not make charges in Pennsylvania.
After satisfying her security confirmation questions, she re-activated my card and it worked.
There are a few things to learn from our credit card dilemma:
·         If I ever steal a credit card, I should use a vending machine to test it …just kidding =).
·         People I have never met are observing my spending habits and making decisions for me based on those habits
·         When I have a problem, I need to pause and deal with the problem and not forget about the problem
·         Always go to Quick Trip
This Sunday, we are going to continue into Revelation 14. This is a section of the book that provides helpful encouragement. The Big Idea is that as believers, we can push pause and accept encouragement from our future.
Simply stated, we need to take a timeout…push pause…step out of the rat race…you get the idea.
When we push pause, we will have time to consider our future (which, if we are Christians is pretty amazing) and we will be encouraged.
Encouragement seems to be in demand…so come on out Sunday.


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