New Life Sunday – Seriously???

A few nights ago, Leigh-Ann and I were heading up to bed and we made a stop in Dallas’s bedroom. He was asleep and like all sleeping children looked perfectly innocent.
He started to stir…and then he started to talk…
We looked at each other and couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say from his subconscious.
He was saying something, but we couldn’t figure out what…
He would say a word or two and then roll over…then another word…a facial expression…a word….a rollover….etc.
We couldn’t help but chuckle as we watched him…
As I reflect on Dallas’s dreaming, I must admit that we didn’t take him seriously. Anything that came out of his mouth wouldn’t really matter, because he was sleeping.
So, what would need to happen for us to take him seriously?
Well, it probably would depend on the day…however for starters I would say:
-he would need to be awake
-he would need to be speaking to us
-we would need to know he was not in his 2 year old imaginary world
This Sunday we are going to study Revelation 12 and 13…we are going to look at the powerful forces of Satan…and we are going to reflect on whether or not we really take him seriously.
Unfortunately, sometimes I think we view the powers of Satan like Leigh-Ann and I view Dallas while he is sleeping….we just don’t take him seriously.
The challenge this Sunday is for us to:
Seriously engage our Kingdom values with our earthly battle!
I hope you can be a part of this challenge!
God Bless!


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